Successful Exits


Maximum Solutions

Brian Slipka, through True North Equity Partners, entered Maximum Solutions ( as an investor in 2013 and served on the board while spearheading the company’s growth of over 100 percent. Brian was instrumental in shepherding the sale to Active Networks, providing a significant multiple end return for investors.

“Brian was critical in impacting the sale to Active Network . He and I traveled to Dallas to close the sale, which led to a sizeable increase in the sale price compared to the original offer. This resulted in an incredible return for all of us shareholders.  His advice and counsel throughout his tenure on our board was invaluable.”
- Patrick Walter, CEO, Maximum Solutions

“Brian joined the board as a strategic investor and, over the three years with him on the board, were able to steadily and consistently position the business to be sold.  His vision, leadership, and overall guidance proved critical to the team and to shareholders.  His understanding of business, technology, and trends/directions of the marketplace were key to our successful and profitable exit.”
- Lee Runzheimer, Chairman of the Board, Maximum Solutions


Boston’s Pizza

Brian Slipka took over management of the Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Boston’s Pizza and orchestrated a buyout of the previous ownership and led a turnaround resulting in solid returns for himself and his partners.

"We would not have received a return on investment without Brian's leadership. He singlehandedly protected our investments, ensuring a positive return upon sale." - Mike Bell, investor